Wendy Kelly Khalil

Profile Updated: November 13, 2009
Spouse/Partner: Saiedqatop Khalil
Occupation: Semi-Retired
Children: Robert Joseph Villarreal II- 10/02/1989
John Linus Villarreal- 06/22/1992
Trevor Linus Villarreal- More…06/22/1992
Three beautiful healthy boys, (Thank You Jesus).
They enjoy Paintballing, (were certified referees at paintball field in San Marcos). Were all original team "Cerebral Void".
Robert graduated Tom C. Clark 2008.
Trevor and John Graduate 2009, (God willing, LOL).
Yes! Attending Reunion

Graduated Cosmetology school 1986, (Mimms/Blanco).
Married 1st husband March 1989. Bobby Joe Villarreal, (Antonian Highschool '81). First son Robert Oct. '89 (okay don't be counting months.. he was premature okay(8lbs 15oz).Had Mirror image, Identical Twins, John & Trevor, June '92. Moved from SA to 75 acre ranch north of Hondo, Tx '94. Opened the Armstrong Salon in 1997. Divorced in 2001. Swore I would never marry again.
God has an enormous sense of humor. Saw my husband for 8 months off and on/ He worked at a convenience store. I worked 3 jobs at the time. Everyone kept telling me.."You need to go out to dinner or a movie or something", (I guess I was pretty uptight. LOL). I couldn't think of anyone I wanted to spend time with, then I remembered that man at the Colonies Mobil, I just admired his inner beauty, his eyes told a story of a hard life but I could see in his eyes that his heart was pure. I asked him out...Thats "all she wrote", Married him 27 days later. I have been to Damascus, Syria 3 times , 1st time 1 month, 2nd time 4 months, 3rd time 3 weeks. We are leaving on 17 Nov. 2009 for another visit. If you ever get the chance to go....GO!!! Don't listen to our media. For some reason everyone tries to scare people away.. This place is unspoiled by today's technology. It is actually about people. I say, "If you have a white heart"(their saying for a good heart) you will love it there. If "you have a black heart", you will not. IT WAS AWESOME. I am so lucky to have had the opportunity.

School Story:

Pretty much a "nobody". Enjoyed everyone. Hey...I just remembered..."JIM SIMPSON STILL OWES ME $2.10" He thought that just because he was a Hottie I wouldn't remember. I will hunt him down like a wild animal at the class reunion..LOL I guess with interest since Mr. Webers World History class in '83, should be quite a bit..Maybe we will have to go see Judge Judy..LOL
Well I am looking forward to the next reunion, hopefully I can get a Boob Job and a Tummy tuck before hand. God Bless see you there.

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Wendy Kelly Khalil has a birthday today.
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Wendy Kelly Khalil has a birthday today.
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Wendy Kelly Khalil has a birthday today.
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Wendy Kelly Khalil has a birthday today.
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