In Memory

Pat Camargo

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04/07/09 02:36 PM #1    

Stephen Macias

To Good Friends,

Pat and I grew up in Leon Springs together. We lived in the same neighborhood. We went to Mt Sacred Heart for elementary, Hobby for middle then Clark together. Most days after school or weekends we would play tag-you're-it on our go-carts or mini bikes. When we weren't doing that we were hunting or swimming in the undeveloped acreage surrounding our neighborhood.

His neighborhood gang were Chris his brother, the Registers - Jimmy and Michael, the Barabes - Janet, Gail, Rachelle and Keith, the Thompsons - Jill and Stacee, Chris Garcia, myself and my sister Yvonne.

Pat was the best friend I've ever had. Probably the best friend many of us had. Smart as hell, funny as loon and loyal to a fault. He was also much smoother with the ladies than my painfully shy, teenage awkward self.

Pat shot himself our senior year in high school. Everyone that knew him was devastated. He made a lasting impression on all his friends.

For many years I dreamt that it never happened. I would dream that I ran into him like a long lost friend in some random place, celebrating our reunion.

The dreams have slowed, but not a week goes by without something reminding me of Pat and the amazing friendship he was capable of, usually while I'm surrounded by other great friends and family. So...

Here's to Pat....

05/16/09 05:24 PM #2    

Rachelle Barabe

I second that motion.... Cheers to Pat......

We all did hang out just like Steven said. We had such great times growing up as kids. There is just too many memories to mention.

We love you and miss you Pat!!!!!!

You are always on our minds!

So Cheers again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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